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Steam and high-pressure cleaning

The pressure and steam washer is a legendary weapon when it comes to spearheading the battle against grime and dirt. At Elite Hygiene Services (, we provide a customer-friendly cleaning service that makes use of steam and high pressure to get rid of stubborn substances. Our specialists also work with contract cleaners to provide cleaning services in Bristol to domestic and commercial clients. 

Carpet cleaning 

Elite Hygiene Services offers carpet cleaning Winterbourne-wide. Clients in this region always appreciate the effectiveness of using steam pressure to get rid of dirt that pressurised water has failed to remove. Steam and high-pressure cleaning is highly effective since it involves the use of extremely pressurised water to remove rather tricky things, such as dried mud, chewing gum, mould, paints and other stains.

Graffiti removal

Elite Hygiene Services has a reputable image when it comes to using steam and pressure cleaning for graffiti removal Thornbury-wide. Steam and high-pressure cleaning involve the use of both cold and hot water to clean surfaces in one single step. The force that is used to expel water from the nozzle is more than enough to eliminate unwanted wall paintings within minutes. 

Providing quality and value for money

With us, customers get value for their money. The use of both steam and pressurised water ensures that even the toughest substances disappear within no time at all. This approach is timely and offers much-needed convenience for clients who love quality. What’s more, our prices are customer-friendly, and there are discounts provided for loyal customers.

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