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Flea Spray

We all love our pets and a lot of time they’re like a member of the family to us. But sometimes they come with a nasty unwanted house guest: fleas. A survey conducted in 2011 found that the UK population collectively owned 11,599,824 dogs – that is a lot of dogs with the ability to carry a lot of fleas into our households. Sometimes, fleas don’t even need an animal to make their way into our abodes. These pesky creatures can sneak in through any crevice, making your home an irritable place to live in. 

Flea removal

Luckily for you, at Elite Hygiene Services we have the necessary flea treatments to effectively target and eliminate fleas from your home. We offer powerful flea spraying Bristol residents can trust, as well as pet owners in the surrounding areas. Throughout this area customers consistently appreciate how quickly our flea removal works, using active neurotoxin ingredients to not only effectively get rid of live fleas, but also their eggs. This ensures that no eggs will hatch, thus creating more thriving fleas which leads to a never-ending cycle. If you use our specialist service, you can be assured that our work is thorough.

Why us?

Our team at Elite Hygiene Services demonstrate excellence through and through. We offer great value-for-money flea treatments for homes and treat each job and client with the utmost respect, care and dedication. Based in Bristol, we are passionate about the area we work in and have over three decades of keen experience to show for this. We are a quick, fully insured, uniformed and reputable company with a knack for providing the best for our customers. So if you need effective flea removal and treatments for your home, speak to someone from our responsive and friendly team today to get your free quote. 

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